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One well known company that is located in Witten is Bosh Rexroth AG. Here you will find furnished apartments in either more urban or green surrounding areas where employees will be located close to work. The companies Ardex, Faiveley and Pilkington Automotive are also found here.

There is an industrial area in the district Witten Annen that medium-sized enterprises call their home. Well known is the University Witten Herdecke. Witten borders on the southeast of Bochum. You can very quickly reach the eastern part of Bochum where the companies Opel Werken 1 and 2 are situated. It is only a short drive via the freeway A 43 and A 44.

North east of Bochum is the little city called Castrop Rauxel, where the economic structure is characterized by medium sized enterprises.  For those who want to live close to work, they will find neighboring residential areas with partly inexpensive furnished apartments or living space in areas with one and two family homes.

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