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A lot of unknown companies are located in Bochum. The majority of them are based in the south of Central Bochum. This is an area which extends over the train station to Querenburg. Some of the more well known companies are Johnson Controls, the Adam Opel AG with Opel Werk I, Opel Werk II and Opel Werk III, Aral BP of the Bochumer association, the Deutsche Annington, Moritz Fiege, Eickhoff and the municipal of Bochum.

Among other things in Bochum are plenty of cultural attractions: The theatre Bochumer Schauspielhaus and the soon to be Philharmonic Orchestra, the little theatre, the theatre Unter Tage and the Kommödchen. Every year the RuhrTriennale attracts people to come to the Jahrhunderhalle, which became even more popular after receiving the title of European Cultural Capital 2010.

The Ruhr University Bochum (also known as RUB) is increasing the appeal of the southern part of the city with its big reconstruction and expansion of the terrain. Especially attractive are the residential areas in Stiepel and Wiemelhausen. It is convenient to rent apartments here which are close to work or the University. Another popular district, especially to rent furnished short-term apartments is near the Bermudadreieck with its cafes, restaurants and bars. Towards the south of the town center are renowned hospitals such as the Marien Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital and the Bergmannsheil Hospital.

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